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Wash & Go...Straight to Miami!

It has been quite some time since I've written on one of the things I love most: HAIR! Check out how I accomplished one of the most common styles in the Natural Hair Community! I wasn't a fan of how it had come out on me the last time I tried it... a whopping 2 years ago.

After staring at a few YouTube videos, I immediately thought, "I KNOW MY NEXT HAIRSTYLE!"

I'll try to keep this a brief and a simple as possible! My Quick Wash & Go Steps: 

  1. I washed my hair in 4 sections with SheaMoisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

  2. I deep-conditioned with V05 Moisture Milk's Moisturizing Conditioner

  3. Using EcoStyler Gel with Olive Oil, I used the shingling method to define my curls.

  • What's the Shingling Method you may ask? Check the YouTube video that has helped me the most. Click here!)

  • Some people have found that using a Denman brush has helped them to define their curls! Play with one and see it if helps you (I wasn't so fortunate).

4. I put my hair in 3 pigtails to stretch it out overnight! No one likes shrinkage.

  • How did I sleep with it? This exact same way! 3 ponytails and a satin scarf to top it off. That's it!

Check out my hair in a few photos I took in MIA! I had an AMAZINGGGG time with my girls and I was even more happy to have this hairstyle last me so long! By the time I left Miami, the Wash & Go had held up for about 3 weeks. In the natural world, that's a W! 

For my 4C shawties out there, the number 1 lesson I've learned since being natural is that no two people's hair are the same. However, don't let that discourage you from trying new styles! This journey is one of trial and error... more errors that trials for me lol.

Questions, Comments, Likes? Let me know!


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