Moyosore Abere MSN, PNP-PC  

Hey there! Welcome to As Told By Moyo.


I'm a Nigerian-American that loves natural hair, sushi, and random historical facts. My favorite colors are navy blue and burgundy...and olive green...and mustard (so many, I know). I love a good belly laugh with friends, the type where it's hard to catch my breath, and on the Enneagram, I'm a Type 5 - which apparently explains why I recharge in solitude after a long day of socializing.

As far back as I can remember, I‘ve always enjoyed writing. What began as a creative outlet quickly became my passion in 2013 with the creation of my first blog, Naps N’ Nature. While hair is still my number one love, this blog has grown with me - through my walk with Christ, my nursing school journey, and even the process of getting married.


As a faith-based lifestyle blogger, my desire is simply to share relatable lessons from the simplest of encounters using words and photos. ATBM's goal is to inspire men and women alike to pursue their dreams, live beyond their comfort zones, and flourish where God would have them. Join me here as I share how to navigate nursing school, all things natural hair, and new lessons marriage is teaching me. 

My amazing husband and I have been married since 2019 and we currently reside in Macon, GA where I'm a full-time Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I'm excited to share this journey with you! Thank you for visiting!