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4 Reasons Why Your Twist-Out Isn't Coming Out Right

Every natural I've met has desired to master the twist out. It’s an easy (and beautiful) protective style that has a billion and one ways to mess it up lol. I've been natural for the last 8 years and thankfully, I've picked up a few tricks over the years that have helped my twist-outs to come out flawlessly. There are definitely more than five but in my personal opinion, these are the top 5 reasons twist-outs fail and end up being high puffs... y'all know the struggle lol.

1. You "Share the Hair" | You know that awkward moment when you're twisting your hair, and you almostttt get down to the bottom, just to realize that 1 strand of the twist has more hair in it? THIS is the point where you have a decision to make. You can either 1) share pieces of one strand into the other to make it even OR you can 2) twist down to the bottom of the hair, uneven and all, and finger oil the rest of the twist. Go with Option 2. Why? Twisting without sharing the hair from different strands ensures that you avoid causing unnecessary frizz. When it’s time to take the twists down, you’ll have 2 separate strands that remain intact.

2. You Don't Allow Your Hair to Dry | Wet twist outs are a sad sight :( If ya know, ya know. When taken down, they initially look nice but the definition of the twist out is short-lived. It ends up drying into a puff that’s unrecognizable lol. Allow you hair to dry completely! Let me say this again… allow your hair to dry completely. If you can fade it, I suggest allowing your hair to dry overnight or for a minimum of 12 hours buttttt if that’s not possible, don’t be afraid to pull out the blow dryer to speed up the process a bit.

3. You Fluff Too Much | When you untwist your hair, it is very tempting to separate all the twists and separate some more... and separate some more. 10 minutes later, you're looking at your hair like it's a hot mess. Your fro is now real big but there's now no real definition (been there, done that.) The key for a perfect twist out is to separate/fluff the hair but only about 60%. Over a couple of days, your hair will naturally increase in volume while maintaining its definition. As the week goes on and I have my hands in my hair (terrible, I know) I separate a few more strands for a fuller look. I promise, you don’t have to separate each and every strand for a bomb look.

4. Your Twists are Too Big | Over the years, the number of twists I've put in my head for a twist-out have increased. Before, I thought 12 lil' twists would do the trick... LOL. It would come out real cute but only last for a day or 2. Now, I place as many as 20-30 twists in my head and wear them for about a week before untwisting them. Yes, putting that many in takes a little longer but the outcome is worth it. PLUS, the style lasts longer. I’ve gotten up to 2 weeks with my twist out. I love the ease of being able to wear my twists for some time before releasing the beast that is my fro lol. Yes,

I guarantee y’all that when you stop doing these 4 things, your twists will come out exactly how you want them! The proof is in the pudding! Check out a few of my favorite twist-out photos below!


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