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I’m Over My Natural Hair…

When I got pregnant, there was a switch that went off in my head and I immediately found myself hating all things natural hair lol. I had once looked forward to wash day and all the TLC my hair would receive. Now… I literally cringe at the thought of touching my hair.

I can remember a point when I DESPERATELY desired for someone else to do my hair. Y’all… I found the closest natural hair salon I could. I booked an appointment and was so excited to head to the shop. That afternoon, I pulled up ECSTATIC that this hair would be someone else’s problem to deal with. Imagine me getting there and the stylist told me I had booked for next week. When I booked, all I saw was “Thursday” and I assumed it was the same day. I drove away and bawled real tears. I mean snotty nose and everything.

A few days later, I booked an appointment for individual braids with Braids By Bah, a popular Atlanta braiding shop, and I almost cried again. This time tears of JOY. I was so happy to be able to wake up and go. Protective styles have always been my go-to and per usual, it did not disappoint. But of course, all good things must come to and end. After 8 weeks, the braids had to go and at this point, I truly thought about grabbing scissors and going to town. You all can thank my husband for consistently talking me off the ledge because I promise you, if left to my own devices, I’d be bald by now.

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New Year 2021... Smiling through the Pain 😂

I managed to do a twist-out to celebrate the New Year but that was it. Even that was an all-day affair of washing, detangling, and twisting. I literally felt like the scales had fallen from my eyes 😂 All of a sudden, I FINALLY understood what everyone meant when they said "natural hair takes too long.... I don't know how you do it." I truly don't know either. I decided the only way to keep this natural hair thing going was to start getting it professionally done until I regained enough strength to do it myself. Since the start of 2021, my hair has been in the hands of another, and I have no regrets. Check out the hairstyles that have kept me going. Shoutout to Sade's Natural Hair Studio in Macon, GA .

Between you and I, I am 60% ready to do something different and start locs lol. BUT I KNOW I WILL MISS MY BRAIDSSSSSS. Ugh. I’ve been rocking braids since I was 15 months old and I just don’t know if I’m ready to give that life up. Stay tuned lol

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Baby Moyo with ASAP Rocky Braids | Circa 1997

To the reader who is ready to give up on their natural coils, hang on and hang strong. Even the most natural-loving people have their bad weeks (read: months) where they get frustrated with their hair. Consider low maintenance hair styles like flat-twists or more protective styles like braids and cornrows to get you over the hump. Hair in itself is truly a journey. Like any good journey, there are highs and definitely lows. We’ve all been there. As I type this, I’m still there 😂. Many of you have asked where’s the hair content? Well sis, here it is.


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