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The Day I've Been Waiting For... EMPLOYMENT

In the Nurse Practitioner (NP) community, many new grad nurse practitioners have found it difficult to find their “perfect” first position after graduating. When I graduated in December of 2019, I wasn’t sure what my job search would look like. I had prepared my mind that my first position as a new grad NP may not be the most ideal, but it would be a step in the right direction. Because I’m a Nurse Corps Scholar (what is that? more info here + future blog posts to come), I knew that I might have to compromise on things like how long my commute was or even my salary depending on where I found a position because of the requirements I needed to meet. To be quite honest, I was caught between wanting to be realistic and having faith lol. Mistake #1.

When initially selecting a specialty, many told me the Family Nurse Practitioner market was saturated (which was 1) fine with me because I had NO intentions of caring for big people lol and 2) only true depending on the city you reside in). I decided to follow my passion for children and adolescents by pursuing a specialty that was solely focused on them. Always and I mean always follow your passion. As I searched for jobs, I saw NOTHING but FNP positions and I honestly started to get a little discouraged. Mistake #2.

Despite what I saw, I kept searching. I had an awesome friend put me in contact with practice that actually didn't have an opening (yeah, A #GodMoment). After interviewing and accepting a job offer in February of 2020, I was super excited to get started. God had honestly favored me with this position - working with the population that I was most interested in (pediatrics) and meeting everything I was looking for in a position. I was looking at a start month of April…. then COVID hit. So I waited…. and I waited…. and waited….. and waited some more until I felt like I was beginning to get impatient. Mistake #3.

This process has reminded me of some of simple lessons:

1) Faith believes, Faith does, and Faith expects the best. My reality is God’s reality and His reality knows no bounds.

2) Follow your passion. Not the money.

3) Patience is a Fruit of the Spirit.

At last, I’m so happy to share with everyone that I’ll be starting my position on July 1st at a Primary Care site for Pediatrics. Glory be to God, ya girl is employed! I can’t wait to share this journey with my readers! Keep me in your prayers and stay tuned.


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