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Transparency Series | When Stress Goes Up, Breakouts Come Down

Skin is such a touchy subject to so many people, including myself. I held off on writing this because I wanted my skin to be “perfect” and “photo-worthy”…if there’s such a thing. My skin and I have had a love/hate relationship for as long as I can remember. It took so much for me include photos of when my skin betrayed me so be kind lol.

I’m not really sure when my skin decided it would revolt against me. I remember moving into my first apartment at the start of my junior year of college. Like any excited parent, my mommy wanted a picture of me in my new big-girl space after everything had been organized. I initially obliged until… it hit me – my face was nowhere near what I thought was attractive and I felt tears welling up in my eyes. “No, my face isn’t up to par.”

Looking back, I’m so sad that I allowed my insecurities to rob me of a moment I would’ve now loved to look back on. When I moved to Delaware in 2016, I visited my 4th or 5th dermatologist. I had honestly lost count and grown tired of the same story. “We’re not sure why… take this cream and we’ll see you in 6 weeks.” There were times I literally declined birthday dinners and outings simply because I didn’t want to deal with the embarrassment of my skin.

Oh and when I started nursing school? I was (& sometimes still am) S T R E S S E D beyond belief. Can you image such an awful cycle? Life stresses you out = Breakout + Stressing about breaking out = More Breakouts. My skin decided it would do what it pleased, regardless of how many topical creams and oral antibiotics I used or how many diet changes I made. To make matters worse, I was newly engaged and would have sooo many well-meaning aunties comment on the status of my skin and it hurt. I listened to their suggestions but again… no change.

At a point, my dermatologist suggested I start Accutane… a simple search on Google will explain exactly why I decided against this. Earlier this year, I was referred to Face Reality Acne Clinic (shout out to big sister Aunty Bunmi) to try Face Reality Acne Clinic Products. I got in touch with a local esthetician (Susan Gonzalez of Moon Organics) and within 4 months, my skin’s lawlessness was tamed. If you’re like me and absolutely nothing seems to work for you, please check out Face Reality! I don’t get paid by them lol but I am honestly in love with how their products helped me to reclaim my confidence. Pictures are worth 1000 words, right?

While this skin journey seems pretty straightforward, it was honestly A W F U L lol. If you’re dealing with any type of insecurity, I can totally relate. However, Psalms 139:14 - I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well and Songs of Solomon 4:7 - "You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you" were my anchor verses during that period. Now that these verses are a part of me, they will continue to be scriptures of my heart… even when my skin acts up here and there. If you’re dealing with skin/derm issues, know that it gets better. I promise. Please don’t allow your skin (or anything for that matter) to rob you of your joy. Although my skin has cleared up, I am always looking for ways to maintain it. If you’ve had issues with your skin, what’re some things that helped you? Let me (and other readers) know!

PS: Shout out to Beauty By Bisa for the BOMBBBBB make-up photo featured! Check her out on Facebook or Instagram- @Obunibisa


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