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I celebrate today as my 3 year natural-versary but I slick struggled with what exactly to define my starting point as. In April of 2012, I got my last and final perm ultimately getting me started on the natural hair journey. However, I couldn't part with my hair (I love my hair... natural or not lol). For the next year and some change, I grew out my hair before deciding to be bold and cut it *dabs* So, in July of 2013, I did it. I watched my straight ends fall to the floor as I held my breath and smiled a smile of satisfaction. 


I've often been asked, "What made you go natural? Was your hair damaged? breaking? Were you joining the Pro-Fro movement?" No, No, and No lol. I was told by some "friends" that the natural-life was not for me. They said I'd look "weird." So... I embraced the challenge. Yes, I went natural to prove a point to some friends and quite frankly, it's been one of the best decisions I've made in a while. The visits to the hair salon for my dose of creamy crack ceased and through this process, I've learned the beauty in what my own hair has to offer. 

What & How?

My hair has grown beyond my own expectations. I remember when I first passed the length I was originally at, permed, being completely natural. That's when I realized black girls do INDEED have hair that grows. As a major product junkie, I tried everything possible until I found what worked for me. Shea Moisture, Cantu Hair Products, & Creme of Nature were my go-tos. Of lately, I have settled on Shea Moisture, frequent use of Castor Oil & Argan Oil, and Coconut Oil. I truly believe my combination of oils has caused my hair to grow steadily. 

So... grand finale?

To celebrate, I got my hair straightened a few weeks before the natural-versary for the purposes of a length check. Who doesn't enjoy seeing how much their hair has grown? I was definitely surprised and happy about how long my hair had gotten. I opted for a big trim and walked out that salon flipping my hair every which way.

Jk. When I left the salon, it was raining *insert rolling eye emoji* Take a Look! 

Ladies (..and guys), if you're thinking about going natural, transitioning, or completely natural, let this serve as encouragement to you! Regardless of your reasons why, it'll be a dope experience for you! Andddddd as always, if you have any hair questions, comments, or tips for me, be sure to contact me here!  Like ATBM? Subscribe here! 

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