A Semester of Nursing School Down..

After 3 months, 6 courses, and grades officially rolling in, I can say I have completed my first semester of nursing school at Emory University and y'all... i can PROUDLY say it was only God that got me this far. 

Culture Shock

I began this journey literally having no idea to expect but I knew two things: 1) God was (and still is) with me and 2) I was going to have to put in work as this is an accelerated program nurse practitioners program. Sitting in an auditorium with my cohort of 108, I thought to myself, "this is about to get real." And it did. Undergrad had spoiled me quite a bit.. everyone just KNEW the first day of class was always "syllabus day"...

L O L.

I'm pretty sure my first week of Pathophysiology covered 70% of what my undergraduate Biological Science degree was founded upon. The word "intimidated" doesn't even come close to what I felt. With an abundance of tests, quizzes, and skills lab check-offs, the days rolled by. Before I could even really grasp what was happening, I was a month and a half into the semester and I felt pretty good about the skills I was learning.

Vitals, AM Care, and Rounds...huh?

"Good Morning! My name is Moyo and I'll be your nurse for today".... is a phrase that I have become very accustomed to saying. I had the privilege of beginning clinicals at Emory University Hospital on a Cardiac Step-Down Floor... a really nice way of saying a place patients are housed a few days after major surgery on their heart. 

Each morning my prayer was, "Lord, please just guide my hands." I stepped on the floor nervous, yet excited and was met with many firm faces of older, experienced nurses and techs. It was God's favor that followed me because somehow, I seemed to just click with the tougher techs that were known for giving students a "hard time." I was responsible for the morning care of patients which included everything from taking their vitals [temperature, blood pressure, etc] to completing assessments on them. On many occasions, holding a simple conversation with them and answering questions their family members had was enough to brighten their day. I had some extremely sick patients whose medical charts and histories were competing with PhD dissertations... LENGTHY. It was in these interactions with patients that I truly understood the value of nursing – caring for the physical body is great and important... but so is caring for the mind and emotions. 

I felt an overwhelming wave of gratefulness after each day on the floor. There's just something about seeing and caring for a once able-bodied person in their most vulnerable state. How could I not be grateful for life? for health? for the ability to even be in such a position? Glory to God. 

So... Now What? 

Now I RESTTTTTT lol. I'll enjoy a few weeks of freedom and catch up on my TV shows. Can't be all work and no play, right? Next semester, I'll be completing clinicals at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (SO HYPED) and again at Emory University Hospital's Cardiac Step-Down Floor. I've learned so much and I'm excited to continue learning as I move forward. 

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