Ka'She Natural Luxury | A Review

You know of Shea Moisture and Creme of Nature but have you heard of Ka'She Natural Luxury?

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to try out two of their awesome products: the Leave-in Conditioner (Luxe Hydration) and the Daily Conditioning Hair Moisturizer! Now y'all know, I'm all about being honest! I have tried out these products for myself and I must say, I'm VERY impressed.

 Prior to getting box braids installed, I completed a twist out with these products and got SOOO many compliments about the shine of my hair. My thick, kinky hair is 4B with low porosity. What exactly does this mean? It's just a really nice way of saying my curls are pretty tight and my hair resists moisture like the plague lol. (Want a crash course on hair porosity? Check out Carol's Daughter's post here.) Being able to have soft, shiny hair is always the goal with any product that I use and it was definitely achieved in part to Ka'She. 


1) For hair that's on the drier side, this product may be your new holy grail! It contains just the right amount of oils to penetrate each strand of hair.

2) A little goes a long way! I found that I didn't need a lot of product to work through my hair.

3) LONG LASTING SHINE! Do y'all hear me? I kept my twist out for about 8 days and it continues to shine and be soft the whole time.

4) Who wouldn't want to support a new black-owned business? 


1) As a natural line that is fairly new, Ka'She's products are slightly on the steep side when it comes to cost. But like I said, a little goes a LONG way.

2) Currently, products can only be purchased via Ka'She's website, limiting the convenience. 

The Bottom Line:

I see Ka'She's following growing because they create quality products. The products that I used were definitely worth the price! I would love to incorporate this into my wash day and twist out routine! I would love for you to try them out and let me know if it works for you! 

To check out their line of products or purchase, head over to the Ka'She Natural Luxury website or visit them on Instagram at @KasheNatural

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