Goodbye Georgia, Hello.... Pt. 2

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So... during the past week, I've gotten calls, snaps, and texts.. How exactly did I get to Wilmington, Delaware you ask?

Let's take it back to June. Here I am one month after graduating from UGA and I seriously needed a J-O-B. Not just any ole' job but a position in which I would grow and learn from. Some will probably read this and think "she was probably being picky." It's okay. I thought so too at some points. I looked high and low for employment using UGA's job portal, Indeed, Monster, SnagAJob... It got to a point that I was filling out 5-6 EXTENSIVE job applications per day lol. I was tired of searching to say the least.

One day after filling out what was my 6th or 7th application for the day, I stumbled upon a program that I mistakenly saw as located in Atlanta, Georgia (God doesn't make mistakes lol). Listen, I did the bare minimum to apply because I was SO fed up. To keep it 100 with y'all, I even submitted the application that same day... which was also the last day applications were being accepted. 

App Submitted Sunday --> Response Monday --> Phone Call Interview on Tuesday --> Skype Interview the following Tuesday --> Received Decision on Thursday --> Accepted the following Monday.

To my surprise, I had applied and been accepted to a program called "Tutor Corps" which is under the umbrella of AmeriCorps. Have you heard of City-Year? Teach for America? Well, TutorCorps is their cousin. I was placed in Wilmington, Delaware to work at Great Oaks Charter School and I was thrilled! As a tutor, I will be working with students at Great Oaks to bridge the ever-growing achievement gap in inner-city schools, especially for African-American and Latino students. I love kids and have always tutored in some form or fashion so this was right up my alley.

As amazing as the opportunity seemed, I waited on the Lord for the final say. Psalms 37:5 talks about committing ALL your ways to the Lord.. not some, not just your love life, not just your finances, but EVERYTHING. I got that answer and committed to a year of service that I hope will positively impact this community as much it will impact me. Imagine my surprise when I found out close to 3,000 other college graduates applied and only 245 had been selected to serve in 4 schools. Less than 10%. My God made no mistake and my applying wasn't an accident. 

I never in a million years would have thought that I'd be here doing this but that's how God works. He changes our "perfect, foolproof" plans and shows us that we really don't have say over what he sees best for us and our lives. If you've learned absolutely nothing from me & this journey, please take away this: "The will of God will not take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us." If you have heard from God, BE FEARLESS. Start that business. Go for that degree. Apply for that job. Move to a new city. You will be grateful you obeyed. 

Wilmington is a beautiful, artsy town and I'm excited to periodically share it with my readers! Check out some shots of the city!  

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