Sit Down, Be Humble | James 4:10

"Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up." --- James 4:10

As I type this out on my phone, my clock reminds me that it's currently 2:06 am. 3 words. I. Am. Grateful. I lay here reminiscing about the faithfulness of God over my life and I really can't help but be humbled by His works.

Quite too often, our walks with Christ can become too cyclical. We see a need in our lives and beggggggg God to make a way. We receive said need, thank God for a quick second, and proceed to live our lives. More often than not, we become fixated on the gift instead of the Giver. What would a life that constantly assesses its relationship with God look like? How do we remain steadfast even AFTER being given exactly what we prayed for?

Freedom. Peace. Joy. Strength. Humility. 

I recognize that no single blessing I've received could have been earned on my own. Not even the tiniest one. Nursing school has been everything they said it'd be.. more to come on that lol. It literally takes me sitting down several times a day to assess how I made it through the day WITH my sanity in tact.. definitely not in my own strength. 

Pride will tell you that "I got it" and "I'm good" but relying upon God truly goes a long way. In humbling yourself before the Lord, He does all the heavy lifting. The heights you never dreamt of reaching become the footstool for your next faith-inspired idea – but only when Christ lifts you up. Even if it's just for a few minutes out of each day, thank God for everything- the good, bad, ugly, annoying, and frustrating.

I'm not quite sure who this post is for but I know it's for someone. We were never made to do it on our own. In Him, our weaknesses are made strong. In Him, our foolishness is cloaked in grace and crafted into wisdom. Only in Him. 

Be encouraged!