2 Pals & A Diner

It's already August... like, whaaaat? I had so many delicious (yes, delicious) blogger things that I had planned. It seems as though the summer had other plans because most of the things on that list did not get done... except one: 

Brunch with Abiola Fakile – friend. blogger. creative. 

I met Abby during our time at UGA and she's had me laughing since (#tbt pics or nah?). Between the two of us, Abby is definitely more free-spirited than I am lol. I look up to her and admire her creativity, growth, & resiliency. Remember the story of how As Told By Moyo got started? No? Well, take a quick read here. She played a major role in that and I'm still grateful. As a fellow blogger, she's the one that I take all of my creative questions to. 

Being a metro-Atlanta Georgian would have most people thing that I know all the cool eateries around Atlanta. false. I relied on Abby for a brunch location because.. well.. she's Abby lol. She knows errrrythang about being cool. We settled on a quaint restaurant in Kirkwood called La Petite Marché (the Little Market). After not seeing her for a while, we embraced and continued to greet each other with our usual antics.

Our brunch included tons of expected laughter and delicious food. I have a tendency to be a picky-eater so I worried I wouldn't find anything I'd like. I decided on what they call "The Wild Wes" – a panini with chicken, crispy bacon, barbecue sauce, and cheddar cheese. It. Was. So. Lit.

 Post meal, conversation about life and academics really just re-inspired me to push closer to God and let all other things be added unto me rather than seeking them out myself ~ Matt. 6:33. I HAVE to brag on what God is doing in this beauty's life for a second: She was recently accepted into Mercer University's Master of Public Health Program *cue round of applause*. Her testimony is definitely inspiring and is one that has continues to inspire everyone who hears. If you're looking unto God for direction, clarity, and encouragement, check out her blog post about her journey to MPH/DPT. 

Now more than ever, I am thankful for God-fearing friends that can understand the need to move when the Lord says move and not a second before or after. Abby's blog, Becoming Abi, is one of my favorite sites because it's fullllll of amazing photos and journeys. She's what I would consider a lover of people and it definitely shines through her work.

All in all, my brunch was more than I expected. There's something about hanging out with Abby that'll bring out your silly, creative side that you've been wanting and waiting to tap into. So much so that I've been even working on my PhotoShop skills [peep the opening banner]. I found my way back to behind the camera and it felt pretty nice. Who wouldn't love galavanting around Atlanta with a pal on a warm summer's day, doing all things creative? Thanks Abzter!

Take a look at a few of the captured shots.