UGA | The Testimony

UGA and I have had quite the run... four years to be exact. However, it's with great joy that I tell you all that on May 13th, 2016, we broke up in the best, amicable way possible. This is my testimony – one for the ages. I thought about posting a quick Facebook status to the effect of, "Done with UGA...Praise God" blah blah blah but the better part of me knew that wouldn't do my testimony justice. UGA has caused me to grow in ways that I didn't even know were possible. One status couldn't completely embody just how awesome my time there has been. A blog post can't capture it either but it's a close start.. 

I came to UGA as a freshmen, ready for adventure and whatever college could throw at me. I somehow never thought about how difficult college classes would be. I was a pretty nice student in high school and thought that college would be (somewhat of) a breeze. Wrong. It was hard... I cried. A lot. I doubted myself more than most people would imagine. I compared myself to others and told myself that I was the least of every student at UGA. I figured that I should have gone to an easier school without a reputation of killing GPAs lol. Anytime the topic of school came up, I became uneasy because I felt like I had learned ZERO in high school. I had already mapped out how I would transfer and which classes would need to be repeated... BUT GOD.

             Freshmen year Moyo, and might I add, the beginning of my natural hair journey. 

I partied.. at one point, a lot. The grades didn't suffer but my spiritual compass did. Lines of right and wrong became so blurred that I didn't even recognize myself at one point. I seemed to have lost my way and it took a good word from the Lord to get me back on track. Enter Bethel Campus Fellowship. This organization grooms men and women to be reliable men & women of God that He can trust to carry His word on to the next generation. I gradually got plugged in and decided to get back to the foundation of my heart. Rome wasn't built in one day though.. BCF transformed my family first, and then slowly transformed me. I couldn't be more grateful. 

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend."  -Proverbs 27:17

My story at UGA is nothing short of a testimony... even down to how I funded my education. My senior year of high school, God told me to fast for scholarships. It seemed crazy to me then, but I did it. OBEDIENCE.  His word says that we'll lack nothing and it's absolutely true (Psalms 23:1). Money was coming from scholarship organizations that I didn't even remember I had applied to. God blessed me to be able to graduate DEBT-FREE in a time when college tuition is steadily increasing. He literally turned my entire story around. I thought coming from a single-parent household would be tough... BUT GOD. 

[To anyone in any level of education, keep. going. When things don't seem to be panning out, keep going. The Lord's plan for us is greatttttttt. like... if only we knew. My going to UGA wasn't an accident and neither is your current academic endeavors. You have been given all that you need to be successful in this life. When you're at your wits end, remember it's okay to not have all the answers. (Read "YOU Ain't Got The Answers"). He's SO able. Many days you'll ask yourself, "Was I really cut out for this?" In this moments, pause and hear all of heaven shout a resounding "YES!!"]

To those that have supported me in any way while at UGA, thank you. For your love, your prayers, and your friendship, 1000s of thank yous wouldn't be enough. 


Fast forward to May 13th, 2016: Graduation Day! I dedicate that whole entire day to my father. I woke up the morning of thinking about how proud and happy he would've been. I'm sure he would've cracked some hilarious joke about how all my tears paid off. Who knows.. he'd probably get me that puppy I've been wanting since forever lollll. Although he's not around, he's my motivation to push through when it hurts and when it's hard. Always a daddy's little girl and that'll never change. So.. just like graduation day, this post is dedicated to my first love and the best to ever do it, Abiodun Akintunde.