ATBM | What Are You About?

I'm always excited when I find time to sit down and blog. Of lately, those free moments are a little hard to come by. I'll be college graduate in TWO weeks... it's insane. I have 2 finals standing between me and that degree. On to the topic of this post...

Each time I tell someone I have a blog, the first question I get is "What's your blog about?" I've always found that super difficult to answer lol. I usually form some witty response to the effect of "It's called 'As Told By Moyo' so... everything and anything as told by me." Others inquire if I'd call myself a Christian blogger.

I knew I'd find myself writing about my faith a lot, seeing as though it has dominated my life ever since I rededicated my life to Christ. However, I would never imagine that each blog post I created would encourage someone with the Word. I'm actually pretty cool with that. I still love hair, the latest music, pop culture, and random facts.

I'm so thankful to those that read my blog and follow the thoughts of my mind. It's been pretty cool to see my own personal growth since I started ATBM about 5 months ago. I'm hoping to be more consistent in my writing once graduation comes and goes.

Get Excitedddddd. As Told By Moyo is back 😎

Check out a few of my grad photos! It's happening... T minus 13 days, 23 hours, and 40 minutes.