Why Can't We Be Friends?

We've all had that one friend that we don't talk to often and nothing seems to change. You see each other here and there and catch up without missing a beat. These are the ones that aren't required to text, snapchat, or FaceTime you everyday. What happens when you don't hit them up either? Nothing. Y'all are just... there... 

Now what about that friend that you are literally texting EVERY single moment you're awake? The one that you text "i miss you, let's link up" after going 3 days without seeing them. These are the friends (from my experience) who's minds and thoughts I know. It's almost as though I know what they think on certain issues and topics because we've developed such a deep and understanding relationship.

Alright Moyo... where are you going with this?

I attended Bible Study a couple days ago and a few people, including myself, spoke about life post-BCF conference. The recurring theme? Finding/Making time to get into the Word. Feyi, our discussion leader, had us read Titus 2:11  and Galatians 2 as we continued our discussion. We spoke on what it meant to live under the law through grace [this was a pretty interesting convo, abbreviated for the purpose of this post. Interested? contact me and we can talk awllll about it]. As this conversation went on, I literally heard God remind me of what I had heard at conference.

"If you don't read your bible, you won't go to hell. It's a way for you to get to know Christ more."

I thought it was pretty crazy when I heard it but it all began making sense. Remember that analogy I started off with in the beginning? Take a second to reread that. 

My point? When we decided to give our lives back over to our Creator, He accepted us and our mess. Now, that friendship can either remain the same or grow through getting to know Him through His word. His thoughts, his decisions, and even his stances on modern day issues are written all across those pages. We have to get to a point where reading the Word of God isn't a chore or a mudane item on a "Christianity To-Do List."

"Time about God never replaces time with God"

We can listen to all the Lecrae and Kirk Franklin we want to but I've learned that music, novels, and conversations about God can't substitute reading and learning straight from the Bible. I went through a phase in which I loved God but just not enough to do more to seek Him. I believe they call that complacency? That's the the #1 ingredient for becoming an auto-pilot Christian.

God can be our Savior, our Provider, our Healer – the list goes on, but He really wants to be our friend. Not the one we hit up when we're running low on cash or the one we text to see if they have the homework answers. He wants that "can't stop talking every second, let me see if he's heard this song, I'm pissed off and I need to vent" type of friendship. Whether you've been besties for forever or you're wondering how to start up that conversation, pick up your Bible and start somewhere...anywhere. You new best friend has a lot to tell you.