Valentine's Day | My Honest Truth

Soooo… bummer. Blog posts came to a screeching halt because my computer was the under weather but I’m all back and running! I had written this with the intention of posting it on Valentine’s Day. Where did I spend my Vday you may ask? The answer is the BCF National Conference in Asheville, NC. What a blessing! I don’t even know where to begin. That’ll be a wholeeeee-nother blog post later. Stay tuned. Check out some of my photos from the weekend!

I’m normally a SUPERRRRRRRR private person but it’s Valentine’s Day so I figured… why not tell you all about my relationship? When I started ATBM, I knew I wanted to be open and transparent so here goes nothing. A lot of people have asked questions but I found myself (for no reason) being timid when it came to answering.

Where exactly do I start?

I am loved and it’s something that I don’t think twice about because it’s a fact. I know I’m not the most fun or easy person to deal with; the fact that He puts up with me so effortlessly is a blessing on it’s own. I’ve shutdown, and shut Him out so many times and yet, He’s always been patient… waiting for me to get over whatever it was that was causing me to act out at the time.

I am free to be me! guys have no idea how that rare that is nowadays. I have had a façade with everyone except Him. I cry, I laugh, I get sad, I’m imperfect… the list goes on. He knows all of this and still, it doesn’t change how He feels about me.

Did I already mention He’s a great listener? There’s something freeing about being able to carry any problem, any issue, great news, sad news, WHATEVER to His ears and knowing He’s actually able to listen and provide solutions.

I may not post on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat about my relationship. I may not talk about it day and night, but “falling in love with Jesus was the best thing I’ve ever done.” As I grow in age and maturity, I realize that there’s no reason to be timid about this relationship. It’s something that I will continue to proclaim over and over again. Why? Because He’s that awesome.  

"Follow Me," the theme of the 2016 BCF National Conference, was amazing to say the least! About 1100 high schoolers, college students, and young adults headed to the Black Mountain of Asheville to seek and worship God. This was my 3rd conference and I'm already excited to be back next year. I'd really encourage everyone to try and attend at least once! For more info, visit BCF's website HERE. My Valentine's Day may not have been spent receiving roses and candy, but it was the best one yet! I met the one who loves me despite how many times I've fallen. That's love | John 3:16