Happy Birthday to Me!

I am so grateful to have another year added to me! It has been amazing journey thus far. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE BIRTHDAYS and they signify so much to me. It has never been something I took for granted. So…it’s my birthday. Now what? Well, I figured I’d share some lessons that I’ve been fortunate to learn between Feb 2nd, 2015 and today, February 2nd, 2016!

1)  Jesus is Amazing and He always will be…even when I’m not.

2)  Surround yourself with amazing , God-fearing friends that have similar values. *you’ll thank me later!

3)  Making time out to read the Bible’s amazing advice and lessons is invaluable!

4)  BE KIND!!!!! (this is a simple lesson I’m still trying to master* LOL)

5)  Taking a few moments each day to reflect on how far you’ve come rather than how far you still have left to go.

6)  Find the ways you de-stress best! (i.e: writing, cleaning, music, etc.)

7)  Never let any situation, person, or thing dictate or have the power to remove your joy.

8)  It’s okay to be angry but don’t in your anger, say things you’ll regret.

9)  Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith! You can be someone’s inspiration!

10)  Growing apart from friends is okay and sometimes needed!

11)  Time Management is your friend.

12)  Try something new with people you care about! The memories are worth it.

13)  The key to growth is being honest with yourself! You can’t move forward without understanding where you are and what you need.

14)  Take the time out to let those close to you know how much you love & appreciate them.

15)  Develop your craft or hobby! It’s never too late.

16)  Smile!!!! You’re alive and that’s enough to smile about (yet another thing I’m still trying to master*)

17)  Forgive those that have hurt you! The stress isn’t worth your peace of mind.

18)  Pick one day of the week to dedicate to resting!

19)  NEVER EVER EVER compare yourself to anyone!

20)  Run out of your comfort zone! Get out as fast as you can.

21)  Listen twice as much as you talk! James 1:19

22)  You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Carry yourself as if you believe that!


These tidbits have helped me to grow in so many ways in the past year! I’m excited to learn as much as I can within this next year! What do you identify most with? Happy Birthday in advance to all the February babies!